Administrative Permit Log

Certain permits are processed at staff level and have a 10 day appeal period. The following is a list of those permits that have been reviewed along with other pertinent case information. Any requests to appeal a decision of the Planning Director must be filed with the Planning Department by 5 p.m. on the last day of the appeal period or the following business day if the last day is a holiday or weekend. The exhibits can be reviewed at the Planning Department at:

200 S Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

Case Number
Location Description Contact Person
Appeal Period Ends
PAZ2021-00028 1271 South Auto Center Drive 20% reduction in the required structural and landscape setback along Phoenix Club Drive. Lisandro Orozco
(714) 765-5381
REG2019-00032 400 West Disney Way, Unit #214
Request For Entertainment, Name Change and Change in Operation to Include a Restaurant with Nightclub.
Judy Dadant
(714) 765-4945

MIS2021-00763 400 West Disney Way
To permit a new stealth building-mounted telecommunication antenna for T-Mobile Wireless
Sophia Tatlyan
(714) 765-5380
MIS2021-00769 2560 East Katella Avenue
Expansion to an existing stealth building-mounted telecommunication antennafor T-Mobile Wireless
Sophia Tatlyan
(714) 765-5380
MIS2018-00668 1700 South Lewis Street

New 60-foot tall stealth ground-mounted telecommunication antenna.

Lisandro Orozco
​ (714) 765-5381
SCW2018-00050 1501 East Cerritos Avenue Temporary placement of storage tent. Arlette Kim
(714) 765-4959
ADJ2018-00423 3335 East La Palma Avenue Increase of permitted floor area ratio. Lisandro Orozco
​(714) 765-5381
ADJ2018-000427 321 South Magnolia, Unit 321 Reduction of required parking spaces from 63 to 60 spaces (5% reduction) Lisandro Orozco
​​(714) 765-5381 ​
FSP2000-00013A Magic Way between Downtown Drive and Disneyland Drive Amendment to Final Site Plan No. 2000-00013 for proposed pedestrian bridge. Elaine Thienprasiddhi
​(714) 765-4568
MIS2018-00690 217 North Lemon Street New building-mounted telecommunication antenna. Lisandro Orozco
​(714) 765-5381
MIS2019-00698 333 West Cerritos Avenue New stealth ground-mounted telecommunication antenna. Lisandro Orozco
​(714) 765-5381
MIS2018-000687 925 South Weir Canyon New building-mounted stealth telecommunication antenna in Ronald Reagan Park. Lisandro Orozco
​​(714) 765-5381 ​
MIS2019-00710 1391 South Walnut St. Unit #1502 Proposed one-time short-term rental conveyance from 1044 W. Lamark Ln. to 1391 S. Walnut St. #1502 Irma Huitron
​(714) 765-4391
MIS2019-00713 2124 South Della Lane Proposed one-time short-term rental conveyance from 2107 S. June Place to 2124 S. Della Lane Irma Huitron
​ (714) 765-4391
MIS2019-00698 333 West Cerritos Avenue Modification to previously approved stealth ground-mounted telecommunication antenna to include the installation of a temporary monopole facility during construction. Lisandro Orozco
​(714) 765-5381
MIS2019-00720 2975 East White Star Avenue Parking justification letter for a proposed 3,655 square foot commercial indoor recreation "escape room" use. Sophia Tatlyan
(714) 765-5380
ADJ2020-00446 1775 South Clementine Street 7.1% increase in wall sign area for a new logo addition to an existing wall sign for the JW Marriott Hotel.  Elaine Thienprasiddhi
(714) 765-4568
ADJ2020-00447 175 South Harbor Boulevard 11% parking reduction for the conversion of a standalone building from a bakery use to a medical office use. Jose Barriga
(714) 765-5422
MIS2018-00673A 1804 N. National Avenue Retroactive two-year extension of time to comply with conditions of approval for Miscellaneous Permit No. 2018-00673. Sophia Tatlyan
(714) 765-5380
MIS2019-00706 1307 West Damon Avenue Request for reasonable accommodation to install a new vehicular driveway within the street setback.  Lisandro Orozco
(714) 765-5381
ADJ2021-00456 843 South State College Boulevard 20% reduction in required parking for a 449 SF. expansion to an existing medical and dental office building. Lisandro Orozco
(714) 765-5381
ADJ2020-00450 1801 East Katella Avenue 6.6% reduction in the number of required parking spaces to add new and relocated parking control features to an existing parking structure for separation between residential and commercial parking areas. Lisandro Orozco
(714) 765-5381
ADJ2021-00459 1619, 1631, and 1645 West Lincoln Avenue 8.3% reduction in the minimum required clear vertical access height for enclosed residential parking spaces. Lisandro Orozco
(714) 765-5381
ADJ2021-00454 5750 East La Palma Avenue 20% reduction in the number of required parking spaces to construct a new outdoor dining area to an existing stand-alone restaurant. Lisandro Orozco
(714) 765-5381
MIS2021-00782 1371 South Walnut Street, Unit 3105 Short term rental conveyance (relocation) from 1016 West Lamark Lane to 1371 South Walnut Street, Unit 3105. Judy Dadant
(714) 765-4945
DEV2021-00151 440 South Gilbuck Drive
One-time conveyance of a Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) restricted short-term rental permit from 2060 South June Place to 440 South Gilbuck Drive.
Judy Dadant
(714) 765-4945